Kim Kardashian came up with her shapewear brand in June and named it "Kimono." However, fans were not happy with her because they took it as an offense to Japanese culture. She took the backlash positively and renamed her brand as "SKIMS Solutionwear."

The 38-year-old entrepreneur shared that her new fashion line will be available from September 10. The sizes will range from XXS to 5XL. In an Instagram post, she wrote: "My fans and followers are a huge inspiration to me- I'm always listening to their feedback and opinions, and am so grateful they shared their ideas for a new brand name." She further wrote that after much consideration, she nailed down her brand name as "SKIMS Solutionwear".

My fans and followers are a huge inspiration to me – I’m always listening to their feedback and opinions, and am so grateful they shared their ideas for a new brand name. After much thought and consideration, I’m excited to announce the launch of SKIMS Solutionwear™

— Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) August 26, 2019

She also mentioned that she loved "the idea that the pieces will be the closest thing to someone's skin." She also announced that her new fashion line has "soft and supported fabrics" which will highlight the best part of a woman's body.

When she first came up with her fashion line this June, she had named it "Kimono," which is a traditional Japanese dress-a long robe with wide sleeves usually worn with a broad sash. The internet was bubbling with the hashtag #KimOHNO and she was accused of cultural appropriation.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian flaunts her famous behind at the Tom Ford Spring/Summer 2018 Getty

In an interview with The New York Times she said, "I understand and have deep respect for the significance of the kimono in Japanese culture and have no plans to design or release any garments that would in any way resemble or dishonour the traditional garment." It further goes on, "I made the decision to name my company Kimono, not to disassociate the word from its Japanese roots but as a nod to the beauty and detail that goes into a garment. Filing a trademark is a source identifier that will allow me to use the word for my shapewear and intimates line but does not preclude or restrict anyone, in this instance, from making kimonos or using the word kimono in reference to the traditional garment. My solutionwear brand is built with inclusivity and diversity at its core and I'm incredibly proud of what's to come."

Entertainment Tonight reported that she admitted in an interview to WSJ Magazine: "You would think we would have obviously thought it through a little bit deeper." Kim eventually said that renaming the shapewear was the "right thing" to do.