American reality star Kim Kardashian is apparently suffering from tracton alopecia or hair loss.

According to Mail online, a leading hair extension expert analysed her photos and claimed that she needs to stop using weaves immediately.

"Birth and rapid weight loss are both factors that have triggered her thinning hair and made her opt for hair extensions to boost her diminished hair volume," Tatiana Karelina, leading hair extension expert told the Mail Online.

"In spite of giving instant full thick hair, weaves put extreme pressure on the hair and scalp, often too heavy and tight, the pulling and weight often cause severe migraines and Traction Alopecia, and actually aid hair loss rather than help to recover healthy hair regrowth. I would not recommend that Kim keep the weave in her hair, but rather opt for lighter non-damaging types of extensions, or a simple clip-in that can be taken out often to relieve pressure on hair follicles and the scalp," she added.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Kardashian has denied that she wears weaves. Kardashian is reportedly working on a sibling for her months old daughter with fiancé Kanye West, North West.

"Kim finally feels like her life is exactly where she's always wanted it to be," sources close to Kardashian's told Hollywood Life.

"She and Kanye are already talking about having another kid because they want Nori to have lots of brothers and sisters," the source added.
Recently Kardashian also added that having a baby is the most important thing that has ever happened to her.

"It completely changed my life. You have a different set of proprieties. Nothing matters except your brand new family, "she said during a Q&A session with Mobio Insider.

"Being a mommy, and tour life with daddy, these days are the best," she added.