Bruce Prichard revealed why a real fight broke out between Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero following their WWE match, wherein the Latino Heat felt the Olympic gold medallist "wasn't listening to him".

Speaking on episode 26 of Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard, the former WWE producer said Angle's in-ring antics upset Guerrero so much that after their match, he went for a double-leg on Angle, who immediately countered with a front face-lock. The backstage fight lasted a few seconds as they were separated.

"It was a short skirmish. And Eddie got upset. Kurt and Eddie had been out in the ring beforehand, and, as I said earlier, man, if Kurt Angle wants to take you and do something with you, he's going to do it. And Eddie was a little pissed off because Kurt wasn't listening to him," Prichard said.

"They came back and Eddie was pretty upset. [He] attacked Kurt, tried to double-leg Kurt and take him down and Kurt just front facelocked him before they were pulled apart very quickly."

Prichard also talked about the funny conversation that JBL and Guerrero were involved in after the brawl.

"'Eddie, he's an Olympic gold medalist. What the f**k were you thinking?' [JBL said] and Eddie just kind of putting his head down, like, 'I know, man. I'm just so stupid!' But that was it, just two guys pretty heated after a match and Eddie trying to double-leg Kurt and Kurt wasn't going anywhere," Prichard said.

Previously, Prichard also opened up about the real locker room fight that took place between Brock Lesnar and Angle just hours before a WWE event in 2003.

The fight took place after other wrestlers goaded the two stars to fight just to see who would come out on top. The fight lasted only eight seconds because Vince McMahon walked in and stopped the fight.

Kurt Angle
Former WWE superstar Kurt Angle