Granada CF is currently leading the La Liga table with 20 points. Despite not having big stars in their lineup, this side is the leader of the Spanish League, as of now. If their total annual wage bill is considered, they can't even afford to buy Lionel Messi. The Granada team should be proud to have made it to the top in spite of not having the advantage of a massive budget.

Given their budget, Granada should be a proud side to have reached the number one rank even if their reign sustains only for a few days. Because of league regulations, the club cannot spend more than €35.6 million in wages. Argentine talisman Lionel Messi earns €40 million per year, which Granada cannot fulfill.

On the other hand, FC Barcelona can spend a mindboggling €671 million on player wages. In contrast, Real Madrid CF can pay an annual bill of €641 million.

As Give Me Sport reports, Granada last reached the top of La Liga back in 1973-74. However, the title was eventually won by Barca.

Lionel Messi
Messi's will take his stay at Barcelona into a 17th year if he stays until 2021. Getty Images

For the last one and a half decades, La Liga has been dominated by either Real Madrid or Barcelona. Out of the last 15 seasons, it was the El Clasico rivals who won the tournament 14 times. Barca leads with 10 titles to their name during that period.

However, this current season, none of the Spanish heavyweights are at their best. Real Madrid is struggling to restore their form as their manager Zinedine Zidane's second inning is not proving to be as easy as the last. Meanwhile, Barcelona faced multiple defeats in absence of their megastar Lionel Messi because of injuries. However, with Messi's return to the pitch, his side is slowly recovering.

Granada's 2-0 victory over the defending La Liga champions earlier in the season, became a matter of discussion in the football fraternity. Now that Granada is leading the table, they have indeed outweighed the expectations set upon them.

A few days ago, Real was leading the table. Suddenly they are at number six after just one defeat. Although Granada is leading the charts, they have played one game more than Barcelona. This means that the Blaugrana are expected to surpass the current table leaders in the next matchday.