Ed Miliband will bid to reach the "forgotten 50 percent" of young people and paint himself as 'Mr Normal' in his speech to the Labour party conference today.

In his address to supporters in Manchester, Miliband will set out plans for school leavers who do not go on to university, proposing a new technical baccalaureate for students at the age of 18.

"For years and years, our party has focused on those young people who go to university," Miliband will say.

"But it's time now to focus on those who don't go to university. The young people who are too often the forgotten 50%. We cannot succeed if we have an education system which only works for half the country."

Miliband will also launch a bid to brand himself as 'Mr Normal,' to contrast himself to 'out of touch' prime minister David Cameron.

Miliband's speech comes amid gloomy polling for the Labour leader, with voters revealing they like him less than his party.

A ComRes survey showed only two in ten voters think Miliband has what it takes to be prime minister of Britain. Twice as many voters reckon the incumbent David Cameron is cut out for the job.

The figures follow a recent poll which showed that Labour enjoys a poll lead over the Conservatives of roughly 10 percent, but Miliband's own ratings lag behind Cameron..

Miliband will say; "My family has not sat under the same oak tree for the last 500 years.

"My parents came to Britain as immigrants, Jewish refugees from the Nazis. I would not be standing here today without the compassion and tolerance of our great country."

Miliband will say his education at a Haverstock Comprehensive School in north London him, "a lot more than just how to pass exams.

"It taught people how to get on with each other, whoever they are and wherever they're from.

"I will always be grateful because I know I would not be standing here today as leader of the Labour party without my comprehensive school education."

Figures inside Labour are understood to be relaxed about Ed MIliband's current image problem, given their leader has plenty of chance to cultivate a new image before the next General Eelection in 2015.