Shadow Armed Forces minister Kevan Jones has quit Labour's front bench due to a disagreement with Jeremy Corbyn over the UK's use of Trident. The North Durham MP announced he is to stand down from his position as he believes the country should maintain a "minimum credible nuclear deterrent".

Jones is the latest Labour MP to resign in the wake of the cabinet reshuffle following the resignations of rail minster Jonathan Reynolds and foreign office minister Stephen Doughty.

Read Jones's resignation letter in full:

Dear Jeremy,

I am writing to inform you that I will be standing down from my position as Shadow Minister for the Armed Forces with immediate effect.

It has been an honour to serve the Labour Party in both government and in opposition. Defence has always been an integral part of the labour tradition, and we should always remember that it is an important issue to Labour communities across the country.

The issue of the UK's nuclear deterrent and how we progress the aim of nuclear disarmament has always been one that has divided opinion within the Labour Party. There are well-founded views on each side of the debate, and I respect those like yourself who advocate a unilateralist position.

However, as you know from our discussions when you appointed me in this role, I do not agree with this view. I have been clear and consistent that I believe it is the right policy for the country to maintain a minimum credible nuclear deterrent, while working to advance global nuclear disarmament I am determined to continue making the case for Labour to have strong, credible defence and security policies, and I feel that the most effective way for me to continue to do this is from the backbenches.

As you knew, on a personal basis we have always got on. I would particularly like to thank you for campaign work around mental health, and would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best for 2016.

Yours sincerely, Kevan Jones. Member of Parliament.