Game 5 of the NBA Finals last Friday ended with a 111-108 victory for the Miami Heat. The game was so close, there were seven lead changes in the last three minutes of play. Games like that are decided on the free-throw line, and Lakers coach Frank Vogel disagrees with several calls.

"I felt two bad calls put Butler to the line. That's unfortunate in a game of this magnitude." - Frank Vogel.

Coach Vogel feels that if those two fouls weren't called, it wouldn't have been such an uphill battle for the Lakers in the dying minutes of the game.

The first one happened at the 0.50 second mark of the final quarter. The Lakers were ahead 106-105 with Miami in possession. Butler attacked the center paint hard and got a foul from Markieff Morris.

It's pretty hard to see, but the NBA officials actually caught and confirmed it. Morris was holding onto Butler's arms at the 48-second mark while he's driving to the hoop. Butler made both free throws giving Miami the lead.

The second one happened in the final 20-second mark of the game. It's the same situation, with the Lakers ahead 108-107 with Miami in possession. Butler attacked the center paint again, drawing a foul from Anthony Davis.

According to CBS Sports, this petition is plain excuse-making by the Lakers head coach. Unlike the Morris foul that's hard to see, this incident with Davis was pretty straightforward. Davis was in the air, moving towards Butler. Contact was evident, and inside the restriction zone. There's hardly anything here to dispute. The foul was not rescinded after the review, and Butler also made the subsequent free throws putting Miami in the lead to win the game.

Speaking of referees not calling fouls. A lot of fans are calling out Anthony Davis in the same game. In a Twitter clip by Ryan Cortes, Davis clearly smacked Jae Crowder in the face. It is intentional and flagrant.

The NBA reviewed the video. Despite the so-called zero-tolerance policy of the NBA for unsportsmanlike conduct, Davis was cleared of the incident with no repercussions of any kind from the league. Imagine that.

Anthony Davis blamed Andre Iguodala for re-aggravating his injury but had the nerve to do this lol @NBAOfficial

— Playoff Parakeet A. Cortes (@Ryan_Cortes) October 10, 2020
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