Infant circumcision is seen as unnecessary genital mutilation by some. Flickr

Two police officers from Lambeth, south London, have been commended for helping deliver a baby girl.

PC Matt Spence and PC Gill Moriarty went to a property in answer to an emergency call. The call, said to be from a man working in central London who was in a distressed state, gave no indication that there was a woman in the house who was about to have a baby.

The officers were met by a woman clutching her lower abdomen. They helped her deliver a baby girl, who has been named Sara.

PC Matt Spence said: "There were a tense few moments when the baby wasn't making any noise straight after birth.

"Fortunately, ambulance staff and the father arrived the moment the baby was born and, within no time, we could hear that everything was going to turn out fine."

Moriarty said: "This was not your usual type of call and it was great to play a part in the birth of a new baby girl. Despite English not being the parent's first language, in a situation like this it doesn't matter."

Mother and daughter were taken to King's College Hospital in London, where they are reported to be doing well.