Good news influencers! Instagram has announced that from today (1 September), you'll be able to zoom in on pictures and videos using the pinch gesture. The inability to zoom in on images on Instagram was a sorely lacking feature for one of the world's most popular picture-sharing networks, something parent company Facebook appears to have finally cottoned on to.

The pinch to zoom feature is coming to Apple devices first, with Android users getting the new feature arriving "over the coming weeks". Pinch to zoom has long been one of the app's most sought-after features among its 500-million strong user base, who have long been hankering for what is surely one of today's most basic and most common smartphone gestures.

Despite taking six years (yes, you read that correctly), it will hopefully give the platform a whole new lease of life and hopefully offer the photo-sharing experience a little more depth. Selfie-lovers, celebrities and bloggers must be quaking with excitement.