Massimo Cellino
Massimo Cellino standing firm on attempts to block Sky Sports from televising Tuesday's match with Derby. Getty Images

Leeds United owner Massimo Cellino has barred Sky Sports staff from entering Elland Road ahead of their televised Championship match with Derby County on Tuesday evening (29 December).

A statement from the Football League has confirmed that personnel from the media giant were denied entry on Monday 28 December, the day before the match. Cellino is reportedly unhappy with his club being the subject of live coverage for the 10<sup>th time this season, which have seen kick-off times and dates for a number of games changed.

While the Championship side are contractually obliged to grant media access, Cellino would appear to be holding firm in his stance ahead of Tuesday's 7:45pm [GMT] kick-off.

"The League has been made aware that Sky personnel have been unable to access Elland Road today as previously arranged,'' a Football League spokesman said in a statement.

"We have contacted Leeds United to remind the club of its obligations to our broadcast partner and to ask them for their observations. As yet, we have not received a response from anyone in authority at the club, but are hopeful that the matter can be resolved swiftly once the club does engage.''

Leeds are likely to face a misconduct charge if they fail to allow the broadcasters access to Elland Road.

Football League rules state: "The League or any subsidiary or associated company of The League or duly authorised agent or broadcaster (and its respective employees and agents) shall be allowed access to the grounds of all Clubs (and to the television gantries, camera positions and facilities) for the purpose of recording or broadcasting matches arranged under the jurisdiction of The League."