Life on mars remains one of the most intriguing mysteries in our universe. Unfortunately, even after decades of diligent efforts, there is no answer to the question. However, a recent discovery of an unusual hole on the Martian surface might be suggestive of the existence of alien life on the red planet.

According to Independent, NASA has released images of an "unusual hole" found on the surface of Mars and it is believed to be sheltering life. As per the report, the mysterious cavity appears to be a gateway to larger underground places that could be home to Martian life.

The discovery was made by analysing old images from 2011 of Mars. The pictures show slopes of Mars' Pavonis Mons volcano and it was acquired by NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter that has been orbiting around the planet since the year 2006.

The cavern which is believed to be home to Martian life runs 20 meters deep.

"Holes such as this are of particular interest because their interior caves are relatively protected from the harsh surface of Mars, making them relatively good candidates to contain Martian life," NASA wrote on its Astronomy Picture of the Day blog, along with the image of the week.

"These pits are therefore prime targets for possible future spacecraft, robots, and even human interplanetary explorers," the blog continues.

However, the researchers are yet to find out the full extent of the cavern. They are also looking to find out the reason why and how the crater was created in the first place.

NASA lander on Mars
An NASA illustration of the InSight lander on Mars and the dome-shaped quake detector that has picked up seismic rumbles. Photo: AFP / NASA

The pits such as these are of particular interest to the scientists because they are believed to be interior caves that have the ability to provide protection from the harsh environment and surface of Mars. This is what makes these places "relatively good candidates to contain Martian life."