Windows Phone 8.1 Live Lock Screen
Live Lock Themes App for Windows Phone 8.1 now lets you create customised lockscreens with your own picture. Microsoft

If you are a Windows Phone 8.1 user, having downloaded the Live Lock Themes app for your smartphones, then you will be happy to know that the app has just received an update which promises significant enhancements for your devices.

New updates

The Live Lock Screen application has now received the following major enhancements, which, on paper, allows you to add a comparatively greater degree of customisation to your Windows Phone 8.1 smartphones:

  • You can now create customised lockscreens using your own picture
  • New templates added, along with more lockscreen images/pictures
  • Support for more languages
Live Lock Themes app for Windows Phone 8.1 Live Lock Screen Beta Provides new Wallpapers and Themes for Your Smartphone's Lock Screen
Live Lock Themes app has now received updates that promise to add new customisation options for your Windows Phone 8.1 devices. Windows Phone Store

Live Lock Themes app featuring the above new features (version is available for free download from the Windows Phone Store, and requires you to manually download and install.

General set of customisation options offered by Live Lock Themes app, for Windows Phone 8.1 devices:

  • Live Lock Themes, as the name itself suggests, brings new/refreshed Lock Screen backgrounds to smartphones running Windows Phone 8.1 OS
  • The app works by synchronising with the recently released Live Lock Screen beta, and tweaks the latter's six new lock screen layouts by adding new customisations/wallpapers, so that users can better customise their smartphones
  • Users can also download new photos/themes from various aspects such as nature, space, beaches and many more, from within the Live Lock Themes app
  • The app has also been synchronised to work with smartphones incorporating 720p and 1080p displays. Users of comparatively high resolution displays tend to look out for enhanced customisation of their screens and incidentally, Live Lock Themes application claims to provide just that
    • Installation Requirements: Live Lock Themes compulsorily requires users to have Live Lock Screen beta app, as the former needs to sync with the latter

Application size: 5 MB