FC Barcelona appears to have broken its relationships with many of its biggest stars. Apart from the much talked about situation with Lionel Messi, Uruguayan forward Luis Suarez is reportedly furious at the club ahead of his possible move to Italy.

Suarez reportedly feels that he has been "thrown out of the club." Since Barcelona's 2-8 defeat at the hands of Bayern Munich in the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals last month, a lot of changes have been made. Newly appointed head coach Ronald Koeman has reportedly told Suarez that he is not part of his plans for the future. As such, the striker has recently been linked to a move to Juventus FC.

JuveFC.com compiled numerous reports about the player's frustration. Suarez is apparently furious enough not to want the club to benefit from the transfer deal. He reportedly said he does not want to 'leave a cent of his mega-salary' on the table.

While the deal between Suarez and Juventus is pretty much sealed, the terms of the 33-year-old's divorce from the Catalan giants are still under negotiation.

It remains to be seen if Suarez and Barcelona will come to a mutually agreeable resolution. Otherwise, he may end up like Messi, who is now forced to play in a club he no longer wants to be in. Last week, Messi was forced to accept that he needs to see out the remaining year of his contract with Barcelona. The decision came after both the club and La Liga confirmed that any club that wishes to sign the Argentine will need to pay his 700 million euro exit clause.

In the end, Messi knew that he will be facing a lengthy legal battle if he pursued his plan to leave. Any club that signs him will also be faced with the possibility of mountains of legal problems, unless of course they can readily cough up the cash.

In any case, the football world is already excited at the possibility of seeing Suarez playing alongside Cristiano Ronaldo at Juventus. It remains to be seen if this dream will materialise or if Suarez will also be stuck in Catalunya.

Luis Suarez
Luis Suarez AFP / Giuseppe CACACE