MacBook's are reportedly being locked down by hackers Markus Petritz/Unsplash

With the various deals pushing prices of the current-gen MacBook Pro to their lowest levels, it probably makes sense to buy the Apple laptop right now. However, a well-known tipster wants buyers to wait a bit longer for the upcoming 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro 2023 release as the new model is definitely "worth the wait."

That's good news, given that Apple fans have been waiting for the new MacBook Pro's launch this year, but the company opted to delay the release until next year. While it isn't particularly ground-breaking, the leaker LeaksApplePro claims it "sounds like a pretty nice product update" that "will be 'worth the wait.'" The 2023 update is widely reported to bring new M2 Pro and Max processors, which, according to LeaksApplePro, will bring "better speeds, better battery life, less heat," according to Macworld.

"Hearing the new 14/16-inch MBP's performance will be 'worth the wait.' Better speeds, better battery life, less heat… sounds like a pretty nice product update for me. No design or I/O changes though," LeaksApplePro posted on Twitter.

LeaksApplePro's claim about a faster laptop is not exactly shocking. In fact, tech fans would be more shocked if the update didn't result in faster speeds.

What's more interesting is the claim about better battery life. This is because the newest MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with the M2 processor didn't bring any battery improvements.

The current 14-inch MacBook Pro currently has a battery life of 17 hours, while the 16-inch has a battery life of 21 hours. That's the best battery life ever delivered by a Mac laptop.

LeaksApplePro's statement about the upcoming MacBook Pros unlikely to have any "design or I/O changes" is also to be expected. After all, Apple basically overhauled the MacBook Pro in 2021 with the addition of ports and a redesign, so people are somehow expecting the product line to have no major design changes for years to come.