Conor McGregor celebrated the anniversary of the launch of his whiskey brand by revealing his plans to "give back" to the community. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter, in his social media post, shared that $1m (£778k) had been set aside to be donated to first responders' organisations. He claimed that a team is in the process of listing the organisations which will receive the donations from the whiskey sales.

"The Notorious" fighter had launched his whiskey brand PROPER No. TWELVE a year ago. Fans of the Irish UFC wrestler gulped down copious amounts of the alcohol, assuring high sales. McGregor celebrated a year of the product's launch by posting a short video along with a heart-warming caption on Instagram.

Through his Instagram post, McGregor thanked the production team and the distillery workers who helped him create his signature drink. He also pointed out that the whiskey was available in eight countries around the world, hinting that they might be expanding supply to other countries as well. He also warmly thanked those who supported his product by buying it.

Conor McGregor
McGregor will donate $1m to first responders. Getty

McGregor then explained the philanthropic route the whiskey sales would go towards. Before launching the product, McGregor had decided that $1m from the whiskey sales would be donated to a cause. To gather the pre-decided amount $5 (nearly £4) would be set aside from the sale of each crate of whiskey.

McGregor had hoped that by setting aside a small amount from each sale, by the end of 2019 they would be able to meet the goal of a million dollars. However, due to the overwhelming sales, they were able to reach the targeted donation goal by November.

Even though the goal amount has been collected, the money has yet to reach any organisation. The Daily Mail reported that McGregor has a team working on narrowing down the list of deserving organisations.

McGregor's return to the ring in 2020 remains speculated. His donation to first responders' organisations is set in stone.