Live Updates
  • Final Classification- Vettel, Hamilton, Rosberg, Raikkonen, Bottas, Massa, Verstappen, Sainz, Kvyat, Ricciardo
  • Vettel wins, Hamilton and Rosberg second and third
  • Kimi in fourth despite the problems
  • Both McLaren's retire with engine troubles
  • Ferrari, Mercedes, Williams, Toro Rosso and Red Bull make up top ten
Sebastian Vettel

Vettel looking emotional after his first victory for Ferrari.

Vettel screaming Grazie! Grazie!! as he takes first victory for Ferrari.

Ferrari is back!!!! is the call from the team on the radio!!

VETTEL WINS!!! the finger boy is back!!!!

FINAL LAP!!! Vettel on course for his first victory for Ferrari!!

The two Williams cars going for it!! Bottas takes Massa for fifth place. Great racing by the Williams cars.


The two Toro Rosso cars are ahead of parent team Red Bull. Christian Horner's problems just got bigger.

LAP 53/56 - Vettel passes Daniel Kvyat and now Ricciardo in his sights

Will Vettel scream for blue flags yet again as he closes in on the Red Bull cars. Let's wait and watch!

Kimi has confirmed that Ferrari have a good car, as he cruises in fourth place despite all the problems at the start of the race.

5 LAPS TO GO!!! Vettel looks good for the win barring any sudden problem.

LAP 51/56 - Vettel coming up to lap his old team. Both the Red Bull cars ahead of him at the moment. Move justified?

LAP 48/56 - Toro Rosso boys also having a nibble at each other. Verstappen takes Sainz for seventh place

LAP 48/56 - Looking difficult for Hamilton, as the Williams are having an internal battle with Bottas catching Massa for fifth place

Anyone who called the Australian Grand Prix and F1 boring in general better tune into this race. It's been exciting from the start and it's getting better. Vettel leading with Hamilton chasing him down.

LAP 45/56 - Vettel screams for blue flags as he catches the back markers. Clears them but loses a little time.

13 LAPS TO GO!! Hamilton is 13 seconds behind race leader Vettel. RACE ON!!

LAP 42/56 - Hamilton on the edge, asks his engineer to stop talking to him on corners.

LAP 41/56 - Rosberg coming into the pits and goes on the faster Medium compound.

LAP 39/56 - Hamilton comes in for his final stop and surprisingly goes on to the harder tyres. Comes out in third behind Vettel and Rosberg

LAP 37/56 - Vettel coming in for his final stop. Should come out in second ahead of Rosberg.

LAP 35/56 - Kimi is on for his final stop and goes on to the hard tyres. Hamilton closing in on Vettel down to 14 seconds.

LAP 34/56 - Sergio Perez gets a ten second time penalty for causing a collision.

LAP 32/56 - Hamilton is catching Vettel at about a second a lap. This is going to go down to the wire.

LAP 29/56 - Rosberg has taken Raikkonen for third. Kimi struggling with older tyres.

LAP 27/56 - Hulk and Kvyat have a coming together but no damage done.

LAP 26/56 - Kimi also progressing up the field and currently in fourth place.

LAP 25/56 - Vettel takes Hamilton for first place as the the Briton dives into the pits and comes out in third place behind Rosberg

LAP 22/56 - Vettel takes Rosberg to go second! Alonso has retired from the race with a car problem.

LAP 20/56 - Vettel sets the fastest lap after his pit stop as he catches the Mercedes. Kimi also pushing up the order. The Ferrari's looking quick. Mercedes have a battle on their hands.

LAP 18/56 - Quick turn around by the Ferrari mechanics a 2.4seconds stop keeps Vettel ahead of the Williams' and just behind Rosberg in 3rd place.

LAP 17 / 56 - Kimi sets the fastest lap of the race.

Vettel in the PITS!!

LAP 16 / 56 - McLaren are in the points with Alonso in ninth place.

Kimi is down in 15 after his latest stop. Ferrari going for a two-stop strategy with Vettel.

LAP 16 / 56 - Maldonado has got a 10 sec STOP/GO penalty for excedding time behind the safety car.

LAP 15 / 56 - Kimi comes into the pits for the second time and goes out with yet another set of medium tyres

LAP 13 / 56 - Vettel's engineer tells him to continue on current pace. Hamilton not closing in as fast as everyone expected.

Rosberg moves into third.

LAP 11 / 56 - Hulkenburg in third place is holding up a whole host of cars.

LAP 11 / 56 - Hamilton up into second place and now chasing down the Ferrari.

Kimi comes up behind Alonso for 12th place.

LAP 10 / 56 - Hamilton up into third place and 9.5 seconds behind race leader Vettel.

LAP 10 / 56 - Raikkonen clawing his way back after his earlier tyre puncture. Up to 15th at the moment. Rosberg takes Massa for seventh place.

Hamilton moves into the third place

LAP 9/56 - It's been an action packed two laps with cars overtaking each other and making up places after the pit stops and safety car

LAP 6 / 56 - With most drivers pitting under the safety car, including the two Mercs, the order has shaken up at the front

LAP 3/56 - Marcus Ericsson spins on turn 1 and the Safety Car is out.

LAP 2/56 - Maldonado's first corner troubles continue and so does Kimi's as both driver's suffer punctures

LAP 1/56 - Hamilton leads with Vettel behind him and Rosberg in third

IT's a GO!!

The five red lights are coming on!! Race Time!!

It's dry at the moment and the drivers are on their formation lap. Minutes to race start!!

Tyre degradation is going to be high in today's race. Also a 40% chance of rain.

FIVE minutes to race start! The big question is will it rain or not?

Pirelli expects the drivers to make a minimum of three stops at today's Malaysian GP

Good morning and welcome to IBTimes UK's LIVE coverage of the 2015 Malaysian Grand Prix. The race is scheduled to get started at 7.00am GMT.