Continuing what seems to be the hottest trend for this year, Mansfield had it very own 'Oscar moment' after the returning officer accidentally announced the wrong winner of the election.

Ben Bradley produced an amazing victory to become the Nottinghamshire constituency's first ever Tory MP, having been ruled by Labour for its entire 94-year existence.

Announcing the result, Mansfield acting returning officer Jacqueline Collins said Bradley had gained 23,392 votes, immediately revealing how Labour's Sir Alan Meale had got 22,335.

Perhaps as a force of habit because Meale has held Mansfield since 1987, Collins mistakenly declared that "Meale has duly being elected" to some cheers and others cries of "what?"

Immediately realising her mistake to some embarrassment, Collins soon declared Bradley the actual winner of the Mansfield seat, before adding "and I do really apologise".

Earlier this year, in one of the biggest gaffes the Oscars, has ever witnessed, La La Land was named winner of the Best Picture category – resulting in the stars and production team of the film getting up on stage to begin their acceptance speeches – despite Moonlight being the actual winner.