Zaazz Pot Vending Machine

On Friday, a pot (marijuana) vending machine, dubbed as ZaZZ, made its début in Colorado, USA. Its maker, a company known as American Green, is calling it "an automated, age-verifying, climate-controlled marijuana dispensing machine."

Who is it For?

The machine is aimed for use only by medical marijuana patients. It will start finding a place in licensed stores, and will serve the purpose of an automated checkout line at a grocery, according to NPR.

How Does the Machine Work?

To use the machine, buyers will have to swipe their driver's licence to verify their identity and age. And to ensure that the person swiping the card is the actual owner of the card, there are multiple cameras keeping an eye on the users.

"They would swipe their driver's licence at which point multiple cameras would allow us to use some advanced biometrics to make absolutely certain that the person who swiped the card is the owner of that card," said Stephen Shearin, owner of American Greens.

POt Vending Machine

The Benefits of Such a Machine

Apart from allowing vendors to tackle employee theft, the machine will help "someone who knows what they want approaching the machine, purchasing and departing — all within regulatory guidelines, but without the counter lines," says Shearin.

The company delivered its first unit to the Herbal Elements dispensary.

"We're looking forward to using the ZAZZ machine to easily track all this inventory ... we're gonna eliminate the middle man. It'll go straight from the budtender right into our machine. There's no room for theft by patients, employees ... there's no way to lose track of the inventory," Herbal Elements owner Greg Honan said, according to UPI.