Liverpool FC
Liverpool defeated Tottenham 4-0 this time last week at Anfield.

Mark Lawrenson has claimed that Tottenham posed no real challenge for Liverpool and the Reds will need to step up if they hope to win the title next month.

As Vincent Company made the sensational claim that Liverpool are the toughest team Manchester City have faced this season it would appear the side can do no wrong, currently sitting in second place in the table while this time last year they were in seventh.

On the back of a 4-0 thrashing over Tottenham it would appear the mood at Anfield is at an all-time high but Lawrenson believes that Spurs didn't present a challenge which adequately displayed Liverpool's talent.

He told the Liverpool Echo: "Last week, Tottenham lay down and let Liverpool tickle their tummies. Other than the players who are heading to the World Cup, the Spurs team are already on their holidays.

"The Reds haven't been at their very best since thumping Arsenal 5-1, but they have still had more than enough to ease to seven further Premier League wins – the real sign of a potentially title-winning side."

Liverpool face West Ham today and should they win they will return to the top of the table in preparation for hosting title contenders Chelsea and Manchester City at home within their next three fixtures.

The side are hoping to return to the Champions League for the first time since 2009 and with star striker Luis Suarez at his best they stand a good chance of doing so with six games left to play.

For many Reds fans this will be a huge step in the side's return to greatness with their last league title coming 24 years ago and Champions League glory being their main point of excitement over the following two decades.

With a return to Europe's most decorated tournament now imminent Lawrenson believes that Liverpool's brand will be further broadcast the world over.

"The Champions League will elevate Liverpool on to another level, one they were at for the best part of a decade between 2001 and 2009," he explained.

"I wouldn't be too bothered about the Reds likely to be in one of the lower pots for the draw should they qualify.

"There are very few easy games in the Champions League, and some of this week's quarter-finals demonstrated the competition even surpasses international football.

"Being back in the Champions League would also allow Liverpool to further build on their commercial profile.

"The club have been very proactive in that regard in recent years, and the Champions League would offer an ideal opportunity to improve on that."