"Spider-Man: Far From Home" is now available digitally and to celebrate its releases, Sony and Marvel have released the "Night Monkey" trailer. The character is Peter Parker's alter-ego in the film.

[This article contains spoilers for "Spider-Man: Far From Home."]

Night Monkey may have only appeared for a few minutes in the movie but his appearance certainly made an impression on viewers. Marvel decided to turn a montage of his scenes into a movie trailer. At 56-seconds long, the clip shows the superhero swinging here and there as he tries to help Mysterio defeat a holographic monster.

The character is basically just Peter Parker (Tom Holland) in a stealth suit which he wore during his class trip to Europe. Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) had him use it after he complained that his classmates would recognize him if he wears his friendly neighborhood Spider-Man suit.

As reported by CinemaBlend, "Spider-Man: Far From Home" director Jon Watts even joked about the costume prior to the film's release. He called it a hand-me-down from Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson). Watts said the suit "looks like Black Widow" and that maybe it was one of her suits that the costume department just tailored to fit Spider-Man or Holland.

As for the moniker, Peter's best friend Ned came up with it for lack of other names at a moment of panic. Ned and his "babe" Betty were on the Ferris wheel during the attack and Betty wanted to catch spidey's attention so he can help get them off the ride. Night Monkey becomes a European Spider-Man ripoff and Peter was okay with it as long as it did not reveal his identity.

This mock-trailer for NIGHT MONKEY has been officially released by @SonyPictures to celebrate the digital home media release of #SpiderManFarFromHome! pic.twitter.com/2OhGJcuazp

— MCU Direct (@MCU_Direct) September 17, 2019

"When night falls a new hero rises. The night belongs to the monkey," reads the tagline for the trailer.

The trailer depicts Night Monkey as a night hero, akin to DC's Batman who only comes out at night. It is amusing and entertaining and looks legit enough to have its own film.

Sadly, Night Monkey won't be swinging again anytime soon or ever again. Spider-Man is not returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe after Marvel Studios and Sony failed to come to agreeable terms over their shares of the franchise's box office revenue.

Actress Zendaya and actor Tom Holland attend 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' photocall at the Villamagna Hotel on June 14, 2017 in Madrid, Spain Getty Images