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Of late, good gaming deals are sparse and even Kmart seems to be on a tight leash after shutting down its gamer initiatives. However, the online retailer is offering a new combo deal on purchase of the Playstation 3 (PS3), for the week starting 15 April - the sweetener is a 50 percent discount on the "Mass Effect 3 (ME3) game title, besides a £15 ($25) gaming coupon, according to the Examiner.

Kmart is selling the 160GB PS3 at its regular price tag of £157($249.99), while offering a massive 50 percent discount on the ME3 title at £19 ($29.99) as part of the combo offer. The offer is valid in-store as well as online orders through to Saturday 21 April. The gaming coupon is also provided with the purchase of other games. The coupons are available for "Shop Your Way" reward members until 30 April and the validity of these coupons extends 10 May to 30 June.

"Shop Your Way" reward members will secure 3,100 points with the combo purchase of the PS3 and ME3. The points translate to £1.95 ($3.10) of net earnings. However, it should be noted that Kmart will charge shipping and taxes extra if you're ordering online.

In addition to Kmart, online retailers Amazon, Play and GameStop have all beefed up stocks in the UK, ahead of expected demand.

GameStop is now offering both the regular and digital deluxe editions of the game's third installment, while Amazon is now offering ME3 at just £17 and there are no extra shipping charges or taxes involved. It also has similar offers like Kmart for console+game bundles or combo offers. For instance, purchasing a PS3 320GB will get you a game bundle of "Uncharted 3" and a Blu-ray movie bundle at £229.99, along with free shipping in UK. The offer also includes discounted game bundles like "Gran Turismo 5 - Platinum Edition" at £14.77.

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