Mass Effect 3: Leviathan DLC Release Date Confirmed [TRAILER]
BioWare has officially confirmed the highly-anticipated release date for the first story-driven DLC for Mass Effect 3 (ME3), Leviathan. The single-player DLC is scheduled to hit Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 (PS3) and PC platforms in the last week of August. BioWare

The highly speculated single-player downloadable content (DLC) for Mass Effect 3, Leviathan, is unofficially confirmed thanks to Anthony Skordi - the voice actor for the lead "Leviathan" character. This confirmation brings more credibility to the leaked details we got earlier about the plot of the upcoming DLC.

Spoilers Ahead... Tread with Caution!

Earlier reports on the leaked content of the DLC reveal Shepard's act of rescuing the indoctrinated scientist, from an old mining facility governed by a Reaper defector named Leviathan. The rogue Reaper accused of killing one of its own kind and exiled as a traitor, is accidentally awakened by the Batarians in Bring Down the Sky DLC.

The content of the DLC was unearthed through a special narrative script hidden in a secret file within Extended Cut. The script pertains to the dialogue linked to the DLC's main character - Leviathan. The leaked script also reveals that Reapers "did not fully exterminate their creators" despite the contradiction of Extended Cut - implying that they were disliked by the very first Reaper in existence.

As Eurogamer points out, Leviathan may join Shepard's fight against the Reaper invasion presumably turning into a war asset. Well, that sounds similar to salvaging the Prothean (Eden Prime) in the From Ashes DLC, as part of Shepard's preparation for the Galactic war against the Reapers.

For those who are curious to dig deep, we already discussed the complete tutorial in our earlier IBTimes UK report. The guide details the steps to open Extended Cut files to view the hidden content for Leviathan DLC. More spoilers hidden in those scripts can be excavated at Pastebin.

As Shacknews notes, since Skordi has confirmed his voice work to Eurogamer in an exclusive interview, the Leviathan DLC release is nothing but certain. BioWare might expectedly spring up a few surprises at the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con panel for Mass Effect 3 on Saturday. The developer is likely to uncover more details about both Leviathan and the upcoming Earth multiplayer DLC.