Stormzy and Maya Jama split up after the pair celebrated the TV star's 25th birthday at Night Tales bar in Hackney, London on Sunday. They called it quits after being together for four years. Sources said that the couple wasn't as happy as they used to be at the party.

Maya's representatives confirmed that the two celebrities are no longer together. Her publicist even told that, "Yes, I can confirm the relationship has ended and Maya has separated from Stormzy."

The Sun reported that "Maya has moved out of their home in South West London. The decision isn't one she has come to lightly, but ultimately the relationship has come to an end." The reason she cited for taking a break from the relationship is her plan to focus more on her TV and radio career. She has hosted shows like "The Circle" and "Stand Up 2 Cancer."

The pair met in 2014 at the Red Bull Culture Clash and started dating in 2015. In a 2018 Vogue interview, Maya said, "You know, if I'm really honest, I knew I fancied him from the start."

Stormzy and Maya Jama
Stuart C. Wilson / Stringer

She continued, "But I didn't want anything yet, because, you know, you're trying to do the whole friend situation first, and then I'd do, like, obvious hints that I fancied him and then take it back because I didn't know if he definitely liked me." Finally, she concluded saying, "It was a childish phase. And then one day we just kissed, and that was that."

The couple was one of the strongest in showbiz and Stormzy dated her long before he gained fame. He was the first black British solo artist to have performed Vossi Bop in the contemporary Glastonbury music festival. Maya was in full support of her boyfriend in that event.

Stormy told Sunday Mirror in 2018 that he saw his future with her and wanted to marry her. "I'm still so young but I want to propose, it's going to happen and I will do it right. She is so sick, she is the best." However, she had expressed her displeasure at being referred to as Stromzy's girlfriend.