With US President-elect Joe Biden waiting to take office after crossing the 270 mark, Jill Biden is now the first lady in waiting. The 69-year-old-educator has been making waves with her sense of style, which is much loved by social media as it is understated, but beautiful yet subtle and calming.

Let us look at her fashion choices and what it means to the future of America. Dr Jill Biden's outfits reflect a friendlier demeanour, a friendly wardrobe that is even easy on the palette.

Jill's understated, elegance is relatable in her choice of pleasant colours, well-cut dresses and pretty accessories, according to Evening Standard. Her wardrobe is very different from Melania Trump's designer one. She is a woman who juggles work with her family life, and being the wife of a politician.

During her stint as the second lady of the US, Jill taught English full time at Northern Virginia Community College throughout both of her terms. She will continue teaching even now, which will be the first for any FLOTUS. "If we get to the White House, I'm gonna continue to teach," she told CBS News. "It's important, and I want people to value teachers and know their contributions, and lift up the profession."

Jill Biden
Jill Biden has played a key role in her husband's 2020 campaign. Photo: AFP / ROBERTO SCHMIDT

Her friendly wardrobe consists of shift and wrap dresses in bold and block hues that works for her role as a teacher. She is mostly seen in monochrome dresses, dresses paired with blazers, power suits, etc. Jill's outfits are versatile to move from day to night and work well with her trusty knee-high black suede boots for day time. And, paired with stilettos, the outfits work well even for formal events.

Jill's is an "expert in dressing how any middle class American woman might – and therein lies her appeal." This was evident than in her first US Vogue last summer. She posed with her grandchildren Naomi, Finnegan, Hunter, Maisy, and Natalie at their beach house in Delaware in July 2019. She opted for a blue silk shirt paired with jeans.

Whether Jill will continue to play it sartorially safe or ready to experiment when established at White House remains to be seen.

Joe and Jill Biden
Democrat Joe Biden's wife Jill Biden was a regular presence on the 2020 campaign trail. Photo: AFP / Olivier DOULIERY