Mercedes F1 Team principal Toto Wolff has spoken out against detractors who are threatening to involve his team in the protests that are currently plaguing the BWT Racing Point F1 Team. He has issued a challenge to their rivals stating that he is ready to go to court to defend the team should someone dare raise a protest.

After Racing Point was docked 15 constructors championship points and slapped with a 400,000 euro fine due to a protest launched by Renault, other teams are apparently questioning whether Mercedes played a part in the "illegal" sharing of key parts. After all, it is their brake duct that is at the center of the whole fiasco with Racing Point.

"If someone thinks we have done something wrong, they should protest. We are happy to go to court," said Wolff, in an interview shared by the BBC. However, he also clarified that tongues may be wagging, but he really doesn't need to defend the team since no one has actually lodged a formal complaint.

"We have not been protested. We have done nothing wrong; I strongly believe Racing Point have done nothing wrong," he said. It is believed that Mercedes will be supporting Racing Point as it lodges an appeal about the penalties it received from the FIA. Wolff says that he is confident about the outcome of the appeal.

"I believe if it goes to the international court of appeal, the lawyers have a strong opinion that this is a case that has very solid pillars and therefore everybody's in a good place about that," he said. He also mentioned that he believes his team's reputation is still intact.

Wolff of all people, would know that Mercedes has a big target on its back. After dominating Formula One for the past couple of years, rival teams and even fans are just desperate to find a chink in their armour. However, a legal controversy is not the kind of weakness that any team wants to have.

While Wolff thinks they have a solid case in court, tyre trouble in the last two races could prove to be a real weakness on track that could make the season a lot more competitive.

Toto Wolff
Toto Wolff wants some tension between the Mercedes drivers to make them more effective Getty