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  • Rosberg wins fourth race of the season
  • Vettel crashes on Lap 51
  • Kimi retires after collision with Bottas
  • Vettel tyre puncture after collision with Ricciardo at Turn 1
  • Alonso retires on lap 1
  • Rosberg starts on pole for fourth consecutive time
  • Raikkonen in 19th - handed a 30-place grid penalty - engine change
    Nico Rosberg

Nico Rosberg won his fourth race of the season, leading Hamilton in a dominant one-two for Mercedes - their 10th for the season - they were untouchable on the day. Valtteri Bottas drove a composed race to finish third ahead of Daniil Kvyat, who is improving every race, and has maintained his lead over teammate Daniel Ricciardo in the championship after the Australian finished fifth.

The Ferrari team had a weekend to forget, as they suffered their first DNF since the 2006 Australian Grand Prix. Kimi Raikkonen retired after a coming together with compatriot Bottas - the second time this season, while Sebastian Vettel accepted blame when he crashed on Lap 51,after an incident packed race including a tyre puncture on Lap 1, which put him at the back of the pack, and a spin after he had made his way back up to 12th. Rosberg clearly holds the advantage in their battle for second place in the championship.

Felipe Massa finished sixth ahead of the two Force India's of Nico Hulkenburg and Sergio Perez. The Mexican driver was cheered all the way through the race. Max Verstappen continued to impress as the Dutchman backed his fourth place at the Circuit of the Americas with a ninth place finish in Mexico, while Grosjean took the final point for Lotus, in what will be one of his final races of the Lotus team.

Nico Rosberg wins ahead of Lewis Hamilton, giving Mercedes their 10th one-two finish of the season. Williams' Valtteri Bottas makes it an all Mercedes powered podium.

LAP 71/71 - Rosberg WINS!!!

LAP 71/71 - Perez putting in a gritty drive to hold on to eighth place with over 50 lap old tyres.

LAP 70/71 - Hamilton loses time again, and that should give Rosberg enough of an advantage to take the win. 2 LAPS!!

LAP 69/71 - Maldonado in 11th battling teammate Grosjean for the final point.

LAP 68/71 - Rosberg sets the fastest lap now, as Massa closes is on Ricciardo in fifth place. Bottas looks good for third place.

LAP 67/71 - Hamilton sets the fastest lap of the race and the gap is now down to 1.2 secs. Race could be on, unless team orders come into play.

LAP 65/71 - Bottas is slowly dropping the two Red Bull cars, while Ricciardo has also dropped off from the DRS zone behind Kvyat. Massa could have a chance.

LAP 65/71 - Hamilton, who had closed the gap to under a second, has lost over a second in the previous lap and is now 1.8 secs behind Rosberg.

LAP 64/71 - Maldonado has a close call!! shaves the wall but keeps it off.

LAP 62/71 - Ricciardo is two behind his teammate in the championship and the more experienced Australian will be keen to finish ahead of Kvyat.

LAP 61/71 - Rosberg ahead of Hamilton by 1.3 secs, and the final podium place battle is between Bottas, currently in third with Kvyat and Ricciardo close behind.

LAP 60/71 - Perez not stopping during the pit stop will cost the him. He is now heading a long queue of cars on better tyres.

LAP 59/71 - Rosberg is now 1.5 secs ahead of Hamilton, as both the Mercedes' run wide. But maintain positions.

LAP 58/71 - Bottas makes a great restart and takes third place from Kvyat. Rosberg maintains his lead.

LAP 57/71 - Safety car in this lap.

LAP 56/71 - The Red Bull cars are on the soft compound tyres, while the Mercedes and Williams are on the medium tyres.

LAP 55/71 - Lapped cars are now going past the safety car. A couple of laps more then.

LAP 55/71 - A double DNF for Ferrari. A miserable weekend for the Maranello based team has come to an early end. The first time since the 2006 Australian Grand Prix.

LAP 54/71 - Kvyat, Massa and Ricciardo stop for fresh tyres, while Bottas opts to stay out on 42 lap old tyres, could be costly. Safety car out.

Bottas comes in now, and maintains fourth place.

LAP 52/71 - Hamilton, who was unhappy with the pit stop, is now on the charge, consecutive fastest laps.

VETTEL OUT!! Safety car is out. Hamilton is back in the race. The German is out of his car.

LAP 51/71 - The Williams drivers stopped just before Lap 10, and still running. They will surely have to stop before the end of the race.

Ricciardo is now ahead of Massa, and is now in fifth behind Bottas, who is also on 42 lap old tyres.

LAP 49/71 - Ricciardo catching Massa for fifth place, as Hamilton continues to question the team's decision to make a second stop.

LAP 47/71 - Rosberg comes in for a second stop! That's a surprise. Mercedes covering their bases. Hamilton's pit crew were waiting for him, but the World Champion continues, and says "can I ask why?"

LAP 49/71 - They are worried about wear and Hamilton comes in for his stop, but will surely not be happy. Rosberg back in the lead.

LAP 45/71 - Rosberg tells his engineer not to tell him anything anymore, it was regarding the gap between him and teammate Hamilton

LAP 44/71 - Hamilton 2.7 seconds behind Rosberg in the lead, but still has Vettel between them. The Ferrari keeping pace with the race leader albeit a lap down.

LAP 42/71 - Perez is closing in on Verstappen for eighth place.

The drivers are all raving about the new Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, and the crowd has surely backed them up. Great atmosphere in Mexico.

LAP 40/71 - Bottas is keeping Kvyat honest in third place. But the the Finn and Massa will have to stop again, since they stopped on Lap 8 and 9 respectively.

LAP 37/71 - Vettel has been lapped by race leader Rosberg following his stop. Hamilton will soon follow. What a day for the Ferrari driver after possibly being the one expected to challenge the race leaders.

LAP 36/71 - Perez is up to ninth now, as Vettel comes into the pits for his final stop.

LAP 32/71 - Hamilton sets another fastest lap!

LAP 31/71 - Hamilton sets the fastest lap of the race. The battle for the final podium spot is between the Williams and Red Bull racing teams.

LAP 30/71 - Vettel complaining about tyre problems after his latest off-track incident

LAP 29/71 - Rosberg back in the lead. The Mercedes' well clear of the rest.

LAP 27/71 - Looks like Rosberg is going on these tyres until the end. Vettel tries a move on Maldonado but runs wide letting the Colombian go past again.

Hamilton is coming in for his first stop. He did an extra lap after Rosberg's stop. The German should retake the lead.

LAP 26/71 - Rosberg is in for his first and could be his only stop. Hamilton leads the race.

LAP 26/71 - Rosberg will be in soon, Hamilton has been asked to push.

LAP 24/71 - The Ferrari's not having a good weekend in Mexico. Vettel now finding his way back after the spin. The Mercedes' and Verstappen are the only soft compound tyre cars yet to stop. Riccoardo stops, but the Williams go ahead.

LAP 23/71 - Kimi OUT!! Collision with Bottas. The Finn's are at it again!

LAP 21/71 - Rosberg is now 2.6 secs ahead of Hamilton, while the Mercedes cars have left the rest behind with the Briton 11 secs ahead of Kvyat in third.

LAP 19/71 - The top five cars of Rosberg, Hamilton, Kvyat, Ricciardo and Verstappen yet to stop among the soft tyre runners, as the race leader sets the fastest lap of the race.

LAP 18/71 - Vettel spins!! Back down to 13th. Looks like there is a problem with the car.

LAP 16/71 - Vettel making his way up after the first lap puncture. The German up to 12th.

LAP 14/71 - Hamilton is now 1.8 seconds behind Rosberg. The German responds with a fastest lap of his own.

LAP 13/71 - The Red Bull's, Mercedes' and the Toro Rosso's yet to stop from their soft tyres.

LAP 11 /71 - Bottas making his way back up the field after stopping first. Hamilton setting consecutive fastest laps.

LAP 10/71 - Massa & Hulkenburg come in for their first stops as well. All the drivers going on to the medium compound tyres.

LAP 9/71 - Bottas has come in for his first stop earlier than expected, drivers on the soft tyres are struggling. Mainly the rears.

LAP 5/71 - Kimi is up to 14th place, while the Vettel-Ricciardo incident has been classified as a racing incident. The German is not happy.

LAP 4/71 - Rosberg is just under a second ahead of Hamilton. In the DRS zone now. Vettel sets the fastest lap after his pit stop for a puncture, but the Briton has topped it.

The Red Bull of Ricciardo and Bottas are having a battle of their own for fourth place, as Massa battles Verstappen after the Dutchman passed the Williams driver during the first lap melee.

Rosberg has maintains his lead through the first few turns. Vettel suffers a puncture after contact with Ricciardo. Hamilton in second.

Drivers on the grid, and the lights go out!! the 2015 Mexican Grand Prix is a go!! The wait is over!!

The main battle is between Nico Rosberg on pole and Sebastian Vettel in third for second place in the Drivers' Championship. Start will be crucial for all drivers.

Drivers head out on their formation lap.

The sunshine has brought the Mexican Grand Prix alive!! A 23-year wait is about to end.

900m from start line to Turn 1!!! Watch out for some major action. Less than 10 minutes to race start.

The searing heat will have an affect on the tyres. The strategies will change if the heat persists.


Track temperature is blistering!!

It's HOT out there! is the report from Mercedes.

It's a long way down to turn 1 from the start, Hamilton will have his eye on that. The two Mercedes' have left for the grid.

Clear sky in Mexico as the Lotus drivers leave their garages to take their place on the grid

Have a look at the Constructors' points distribution between teammates

Looking bright and sunny at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez

Kimi Raikkonen has been handed a further 30-place grid penalty for an engine change.

Welcome to IBTimes UK's live coverage of the first Mexican Grand Prix since 1992 at the Autodromo Hermano Rodriguez. Nico Rosberg starts on pole for the fourth successive race, with 2015 Drivers' champion Lewis Hamilton alongside him. Live lap-by-lap coverage begins at 7pm GMT.