Michael Jackson
US Pop star Michael Jackson performs at the Vincennes hippodrome near Paris. About 80.000 people attended the show. Reuters

A lock of Michael Jackson's hair is expected to sell for over $5,000 after it was reportedly recovered from a shower drain.

The hair is believed to be of the King of Pop and was recovered from the drain after he stayed at the Carlyle Hotel in New York, according to the Mirror.

The hair is being put on sale by auction House Gotta Have Rock and Roll as part of an online pop culture memorabilia sale.

Bids for the hair have come with a certificate of authenticity and begins at $1,000 but it is expected that it will sell for over $5,000.

The hair saga has come after an unseen Michael Jackson documentary failed to sell at a London auction earlier. The documentary features the footage of Jackson's 'Dangerous' 1993 world tour, performed in Argentina. It was expected to get £4 million on November 26.

Jackson gave a VHS copy of the scrapped film to his driver, who wished not to be named. Jackson was believed to be unhappy with the completed documentary, which is why it was never released, and also fired the crew who worked on it.

The driver said that the tape had been given to him as "a reward or a bonus" for his "transportation services" and leaked a short clip of the documentary online in 2009 after Jackson's death, but was stopped by the singer's record label and lawyers who claimed exclusive rights to the film.

Since his death in 2009, large amount of Jackson-related memorabilia has been sold at auction houses worldwide. The jackets, which he wore in his 1983 "Thriller" video, his popular white glove and fedora hat were sold in June this year.

On November 8, a pair of silk pyjamas and a bed on which he slept once were sold in Ireland.