The solitary female GOP candidate for President of the United States, Michele Bachmann has pulled out the race.

Having been trailing the other candidates for most of the campaign, Bachmann decided to call it a day after finishing sixth in the Iowa caucuses with 5 percent and given a "no-hope" chance of retaining many votes in New Hampshire next week.

Bachmann, a congresswoman for the state of Minnesota, did not leave the stage, however, without making a passing shot at the President Barack Obama. She said: "I ran because I realised 2012 is our last chance to repeal Obamacare and the Dodd-Frank"

She added: "Last night the people of Iowa spoke with a very clear voice, so I have decided to stand aside."

Michele Bachmann suffered a couple of embarrassing moments during the live debates where she referred to Libya as a country outside of Africa, and also suffered the humiliation of her national staff and New Hampshire staff massively falling out causing the latter to resign their posts.

Bachmann finished sixth in the first of many state-by-state contests to pick a Republican presidential candidate to challenge Obama in November.

She cancelled planned appearances in South Carolina and scheduled a news conference in Iowa, instead.