Michele Morrone is coming back for seconds, as he recently confirmed there will be a sequel to his erotic thriller "365 Days."

The 29-year-old Italian actor, who played the character of a mafia boss named Massimo in the movie, made the announcement in a personalised fan video he made for HalaHi, which is the Middle Eastern counterpart of Cameo. Morrone recently became brand ambassador, and he is making use of his role by answering fans' questions and raising money in the process to help disadvantaged children.

One of the questions involved the sequel for his hit Netflix movie "365 Days" or "365 DNI" for Polish audiences. He is positive that there will be a "second part" but admitted he does not know when filming will take place.

"If we're gonna do the second part? The answer is yes. We're going to shoot the second part," Morrone said in the HalaHi video shared by TMZ.

"We still don't know when [because of the COVID-19 pandemic] but for sure we will make it," he added.

In the same fan video, Morrone also talked about his move to Hollywood. He said it is the "American dream" and revealed that he is "getting the right proposition right now" so he is going to take it. He also shrugged off compliments that he is the "sexiest man alive" because he does not believe that he is.

Morrone's revelation on the "365 Days" sequel comes before confirmation from Netflix, who distributed the film to American viewers. It is also before Netflix Film, which produced the film, could confirm the follow-up. However, the way the movie ended suggested a sequel is definitely in order.

The film closed with an open-ended question on whether Laura Biel (Anna Maria Sieklucka), who is pregnant with Massimo's baby, is dead or alive. It ended with the car she rode on entering a tunnel where she presumably got killed by Massimo's enemies.

Morrone is probably right in confirming the sequel. After all, "365 Days" is based on a trilogy of books by author Blanka Lipinska. In the second book, there is still a character named Laura so it is possible that she is still alive and is just kidnapped.

Michele Morrone, 365 Days
Michele Morrone plays the lead role of Massimo in "365 Days." Michele Morrone/Instagram