Microsoft does not want Mozilla or Google to play on its field. It has started persuading Windows 10 users to keep using the Edge browser so that they do not easily move to Chrome or Firefox.

As noticed by The Verge, Windows 10 now comes with a pop-up prompt that will urge you to stick to the Microsoft Edge browser. It reads: "Give Microsoft Edge a shot", and comes with a bold option to "don't switch and try now".

The new prompt is available in the freshly-leaked Windows 10 Preview build 10568 and emerges each time you try to switch defaults to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, leaving the Microsoft Edge browser. It also highlights some of the features of the web browser such as the ability to write on webpages, reading view and Cortana integration.

However, you can remove the prompt and set any of your favourite web browsers over the Edge by clicking on "Switch anyway" button. The pop-up is also not available on systems that already have Chrome or Firefox as default web browser. A similar pop-up prompt is displayed when you try to switch the default music or photos apps.

As the pop-up prompt is currently available in the leaked preview version of Windows 10, it is yet to debut through an official update. This shows that Microsoft is set to take some share from leading web browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Microsoft Edge is an upgraded web browser over the Internet Explorer and is available pre-installed on Windows 10. It works on a new layout engine, called EdgeHTML, and has an integrated Adobe Flash player and a PDF reader. As of August 2015, only 2% of overall PC users have opted for the new browser.