Microsoft yesterday signaled a change in its momentum as big as when it bought a stake in facebook three years ago.

The introduction of, which signals the software giants intent to put more and more of its Office productivity suite on the web, appear to be utilising Office 2010 Web Apps (OWA) but are actually moves towards monetising through the web as signalled by its stake in - launched by Facebook - is a product of Microsoft FUZE labs - which is based out in Redmond, Cambridge (UK) and Massachusets - developing 'new social, real-time, and media-rich experiences for home and work'.

The idea is that by sharing documents online, users would eventually use Facebook as a platform not just to share thoughts and ideas whilst at home, but as a complete 'Office' productivity suite.

However, as far as things go, users may find the move fairly shocking, although it is less so when you put into perspective that Facebook has about 1.6 billion users and is expected to reach 2.2 billion by 2013 - a third of the world's current population.

"Today, the Web exists mostly as a series of unstructured links between pages. And this has been a powerful model, but it's really just the start," said Mark Zuckerburg, CEO of Facebook. "The Web can become a set of personally and semantically meaningful connections between people and things. I am friends with you. I am attending this event. I like this band."

The news signifies a big shift in the way Microsoft wants users to think.

And if Bill Gates was successful in his revolution i the 1980's, then Mark Zuckerberg could just be the guy to revolutionise the next step in personal computing.