Microsoft's latest gaming console Xbox One went on sale on Friday (November 22) at midnight at the Bestbuy Theatre in New York.

The software giant aims to upstage rival Sony with a console that goes well beyond gaming and helps transform media viewing, a long-cherished but elusive goal.

For the grand launching event fans dressed in green shirts lined the block around the theatre, with the first in line, Hanoi Delosangeles waiting for over a full day.

"I have been waiting here for 36 hours since Wednesday morning 9 a.m. And there is only a few more hours to go. It was hard, but now we're almost there so got to sacrifice a little to get a little."

Another gamer in line, Richard Persaud said that they were well taken care of, especially compared to the launching event of Sony's PlayStation 4 which took place last week.

"I can tell you right now that I am just laughing at the PS4 guys. They got T-shirts and we got hot cars, good food and a ton of memories. Now I cannot wait to go home, set up Kinect and go like: 'Xbox, on.'"

The evening-long fan celebration saw many flashy billboards in Times Square light up in green projecting the Xbox sign.

After a countdown at midnight the first ten people in line were called up on stage to receive the console.

The console has received early positive reviews for its performance, interface and exclusive launch games.

To entice TV viewers and simplify their viewing experience, the new device comes with features like voice control via its Kinect input device - ostensibly in place of a remote - and the ability to integrate it with cable boxes.

Microsoft is battling Sony, which sold 1 million of its PlayStation 4s within the first 24 hour of its November 15 release in the United States and Canada, and is currently sold out in many retail stores and online. At £429, the Xbox One costs £80 more than its rival console.

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