Negotiating job offer
Signing bonuses are among the things you should negotiate when handed a job offer. Christina Morillo/Pexels

Embracing negotiation when receiving a job offer is not just a choice, it's a powerful tool that empowers you to shape your professional journey. Your ideal demands are often not fully reflected in the initial offer, making negotiation a vital step in taking control of your career path.

Chris Williams, a seasoned professional with four decades of experience in HR at Microsoft, advocates for negotiation over job offers. His extensive experience has shown that many people underestimate the negotiability of a job offer, leading them to miss out on potential benefits.

Most people will immediately check the salary or base pay offered to them and want to negotiate that. However, Williams stresses this is difficult because a salary will only ever increase, so you must understand the employer will have certain limits they cannot cross. Instead, there are ten other things that you should consider when negotiating, which are the following:

Signing Bonus

Williams believes it is good to negotiate a signing bonus when offered a new job, as companies will be satisfied with having to make a larger payment just once. You could claim that relocating will set you and your family back.

A reasonable demand to request is receiving 10 per cent of your annual pay amount immediately.

A Guaranteed Bonus

The ex-Microsoft HR VP says you should look to land a bonus paid out to you regardless of your performance. You could agree upon the bonus amount and mark it as a guaranteed payment.

Once again, because this is not a recurring payment the company must make to you, they will be open to handing you a guaranteed bonus.

Seek Higher Commissions

For people offered a commission-based position, it is essential to try to land higher commissions as you do not have a fixed salary to depend on. You should also seek out potential bonuses to help cope with the uncertainty of how much you will be paid each time.

Remote Work Options

In the working landscape post-COVID-19, remote work has become more prominent. The policy has benefited many people as they can avoid the stress of travelling to the office every day.

If you are comfortable working from home, ask if you can spend fewer days coming into the company office, provided the job does not require in-person attendance daily.

Relocation Assistance

If a new job involves relocating, you should ask for assistance by requesting relocation coverage. Any amount handed to you will help, but there is no harm in requesting full coverage.

You could even ask for help finding housing or temporary places to stay. There may be some organisations that purchase your current house via a service.

Spousal Benefits

Williams believes it is wise for married couples to have their job benefit their other half, whether it be through job counselling or resume help.

Increased Paid Time Off

Some companies may offer unlimited paid time off for their staff, but others may have a set number of days permissible. If you feel insufficient paid time off is being offered, request more, but be wary that other employees will want the same.

This could force the company to reject your demand as they may want to avoid divisions in the workplace.

Company Equity

As a senior worker, it is worth requesting stock options in the company as it can benefit you financially.


Williams states that people typically believe a healthcare package in a job offer cannot be renegotiated. However, if you have significant health issues or a close family member does, it is worth asking for additional benefits, as certain companies will be willing to discuss further perks.

Unique Compensation

People offered senior roles and even midlevel ones should consider asking for compensation through different avenues. You could go down the incentive route, where you would be up for a bonus if you completed a task before a set date.

Also, ask for paid time off on your birthday, student loan repayment assistance, or music and fitness services subscriptions.