Nintendo's Miitomo seems to be living up to its hype as the smart-device app became the top social-networking iOS app in Japan the day it was launched and has now crossed the 1 million mark in just three days. The social messaging application developed by Nintendo for iOS and Android devices uses Mii avatars to encourage discussion, and is the first of the company's mobile apps.

The company's Japanese division made the announcement on Twitter saying, "Miitomo customers has exceeded 1 million people in 3 days! Thank you very much! Miitomo is more interesting by engaging with lots of friends, so continue to enjoy."

The app was first released in Japan on 17 March with a worldwide launch scheduled for the end of the month with support for 12 languages and dialects. The latest numbers released show a promising upward trend for the company as Miitomo is currently only available via the Japanese iTunes App Store and yet managed to cross the 1 million mark so quickly. Expect those numbers to catapult even higher when the global release takes place.

Those waiting for the global release later this month can register for their account in advance by logging on to, where one can register using their existing Nintendo Network ID, or their Facebook, Twitter or Google account details. The Nintendo Account programme is the gaming giant's new, platform-agnostic membership scheme that will work across all existing and future home and handheld consoles, as well as through mobile apps and online browsers.