Hollywood actress Mila Kunis is the new face of French fashion house Christian Dior.

The 28-year-old actress will appear in its spring campaign, which includes a photo shoot, which is being done by Mikael Jansson and would be available for release in top fashion magazines, including Elle, Vogue, Harper Bazaar and Vanity Fair, later this month.

"Mila Kunis is a very talented young actress; she embodies the true modern woman. Her performance in "Black Swan" was remarkable. She is very gifted," Women's Daily (WWD) has quoted Delphine Arnault, deputy general manager at Dior, as saying.

"We are looking forward to a long relationship with her. I'm honestly just learning about fashion," Kunis told WWD in an interview.

"In my daily life, I don't wear the most feminine pieces. But I love to feel feminine when I'm on the red carpet," the actress added.

"I find that Dior is an incredibly grounded house. I always thought what Dior does is so sophisticated, feminine and beautiful."

For her performance in psychological thriller film "Black Swan" Kunis won nominations for a Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild award.

"Christian Dior designed several costumes for the movies and maintained personal relationships with such actresses as Marlene Dietrich, Rita Hayworth, Ava Gardner, Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe, Liz Taylor and Grace Kelly," Arnault said.

"It is thus only natural for the house of Dior to continue to develop a very specific and personal relationship with actresses."

Kunis would be attending all Dior events throughout the year 2012.