Labour party leader Ed Miliband has been hit by an egg thrown by a member of the public in south London.

Miliband has struck with the egg during a visit to East Street Market in the area of Walworth. The market runs between Old Kent Road and Walworth Road.

Miliband escaped the worst of the impact of the egg, with only a small amount of yolk visible in the hair on the back of his bead.

But others at the scene were not so lucky. One man took the full impact of the flying egg to his head.

Michael Deacon, a sketch writer at the Daily Telegraph, took to Twitter with his own account of events.

He told followers: "I just got hit in the head by an egg meant for Ed Miliband. Woman in market looks at me with concern. It's a waste of eggs as well.

"I've got egg yolk in my left ear. I can feel it. I expect this is what it's like to be a war reporter."

Responsibility for the egging was claimed on Twitter by a man named Dean Porter. The cycle courier claimed it was a "protest," adding in another tweet "I got the bugger!! LOL."

The leader of the Opposition had been facing calls to do more to raise his public profile while parliament is in recess, but this will not be sort of exposure party officials had in mind.

Miliband has been the target of egg throwers in public before.

He was struck by a flying egg in Southampton last year while celebrating a by-election victory. That incident left yolk dripping down his shoulder.

Recent days have seen the spotlight thrown on Miliband's leadership after surverys revealed Labour's poll has been cut in half, amid improved economic data for the government.