Good Morning Britain has enraged young viewers by implying on Twitter that millennials were "useless".

The popular morning talk show, co-hosted by the ever-controversial journalist Piers Morgan, has received a barrage of sarcastic responses. More than 200 people replied in less than an hour.

The show's producers further angered their younger audience with a follow-up tweet. They said: "Millennials can do anything... so long as there's wifi to access Google and YouTube, right?"

Their attempts to fan the fire worked.

Here are just some of the best replies to Good Morning Britain's provocative tweet:

Others pointed out that the younger generation has been dealt a bad hand when it came to the economy:

One user got a bit dark about everything.

Full marks for honesty from this older-than-average millennial.

Let's face it, the older generation faced problems of their own.

But, honestly, sometimes only a short reply will do.