The Mobile Service Tower rolls back from the Delta IV Heavy with the Orion on launch pad 37B at Cape Canaveral Reuters

Nasa's Orion spacecraft has missed its launch window, meaning the test flight will have to be rescheduled.

"Today's launch attempt has been scrubbed. The launch team is resetting for a launch tomorrow [Friday 5 December] morning," it said.

The launch was dogged with problems from the onset. First a stray boat was spotted inside the prohibited zone, followed shortly by a problem with a propellant.

"The Eastern Range has just called a fouled range due to a boat that has strayed into the prohibited zone over the Atlantic. The rocket cannot lift off until the boat clears the area," the space agency said.

"The launch conductor extended the countdown hold because of the range hazard and due to a second stage propellant conditioning issue."

Both these issues were soon resolved and Nasa said the launch would go ahead just 10 minutes after the scheduled time. Orion had a launch window of two hours and 39 minutes.

However, shortly after the go-ahead was given, the wind picked up and the launch had to be put on hold a few times.

A problem was then detected with a "fill and drain valve", which experts began work to resolve. However, with the launch window closing fast, they were unable to fix the issue in time.