21:22: England begin their home international summer with defeat to world champions Sri Lanka, who begin their tour with a hard-fought victory. Once again, Lasith Malinga proved the difference with 3 for 28 as Peter Moores' first game back as Engand head coach at home ends in defeat.

Well, that's all we've got time for this evening. We'll be back with coverage of the first one-day international between England and Sri Lanka on Thursday, but until then goodbye.

Sri Lanka beat England by 9 runs

Over 20: England 174 for 6: Lamkal takes the ball for the final over. England run a good two but need 22 from the final four deliveries. Bopara needs to clear the rope and he finds the six at just the right time on the leg side. The Essex batsman gets four, leaving him needing two sixes from the final two balls but only finds a single.

Over 19: England 160 for 6: Jordan gets himself away from danger with an early single. Three boundaries per over remaining required here. Bopara can only get a single himself as Malinga squeezes England and there's another wicket as Jordan plays on to give the captain his third wicket. Chris Woakes in with nine balls left and England get just two to give themselves a near impossible task in the final over.

Wicket: England 158 for 7 Jordan b Malinga 5

Over 18: England 156 for 6: Kulasekara is entrusted with seeing out this iminent Sri Lanka win. A wide isn't the best of starts and the next ball sees Bopara drive one over the top and for four. Jordan and Bopara run a good two to pie the pressure on the Sri Lankan field who keep giving England a glimmer of hope here. Bopara seduces another full toss and gets another four. Suddenly, England only need 28 from 12.

Over 17: England 143 for 6: Brilliant shot from Hales, who soars Malinga for four but he takes England's hopes with him as Malinga comes back with the slower ball takes out his off-stump. Jordan comes in and edges on for four. 41 needed from 18 balls....

Wicket: England 139 for 5: Hales b Malinga 66

Over 16: England 133 for 5: So, 62 needed from 30 with the run rate abover 12 runs per over, are we set for a grand stand finale? Buttler ensures that is unlikely by finding Dilshan on the boundary. First ball after the wicket sees Hales hit a six down the ground.

Wicket: England 124 for 5 Buttler c Dishan b Kulasekara 26

Over 15: England 122 for 4: Surely this is the chance for England to tee off against Perera, having gained some momentum in the previous over. Buttler gets four with a flashing drive which goes straight through the covering fielder Dilshan. Now Alex Hales is to fifty from 33 balls with a four down the ground. Bit of hope for Peter Moores' side.

Over 14: England 111 for 4: Very little encouragement that England will turn this around and produce some stunning run chase. Jos Buttler is seeing the ball better than most and he strikes one through long-off. Lakmal was a bit wide there but now he goes too straight, and the England wicket-keeper somehow gets four with a flick into the leg-side.

Over 13: England 98 for 4: Jos Buttler follows up his opening ball four with a reverse sweep for another boundary. The run-rate continues to increase however and Hales plays and misses from Senanayake's final ball of the over.

Over 12: England 91 for 4: England have dipped under the Sri Lanka run rate and they need over 11 an over to win here. Another masterclass from Alex Hales is required you feel. Morgan has lived a charmed life throughout his innings but he goes now, finding Perera some 10 yards from the boundary rope. Very poor shot. Buttler off the mark with a four

Wicket: England 85 for 4 Morgan c Lakmal b Perera 5

Over 11: England 84 for 3: England need 110 to win from the last 10 overs. Hales remains but he is clearly holding fire for the final few overs, as is Morgan who is still finding his feet in his innings. Hales does go big down the ground and makes four with one bounce as Senanayake is dispatched.

Over 10: England 74 for 3: Malinga is back, sooner than expected - perhaps hoping for an England collapse - and Morgan has to take action, blocking for all his life until he gets off strike with a single to backward point. Malinga's radar is slightly askew for once though, as he gives away five runs with a wide down the leg side which goes for four.

Over 9: England 64 for 3: Captain Eoin Morgan in after Root goes and Perera is into the attack. Much onus on the skipper to fire the hosts to victory here. Morgan almost departs straight away but a leading edges evades short mid-wicket.

Over 8: England 58 for 3: Malinga as expected, out of the attack and Lakmal is back. Bit of movement out there and Hales misses out after a full toss evades him. He does get the ball away for a single to keep England ticking over. But another soft wicket for Sri Lanka as Root flicks down the leg-side straight to the keeper.

Wicket: England 58 for 3 Root c Chandimal b Lakmal 5

Over 7: England 54 for 2: England ahead on the head-to-head but remember Sri Lanka went big t the end of their innings and Malinga and co. lie in wait at the death so slightly misleading to say they hold the upper hand. The variation from Mathews is giving England problems and Root is fortunate to survive after a leading edge sails away to safety.

Over 6: England 49 for 2: Here comes Lasith Malinga into the attack. Ian Bell trapped on his crease and he edge to Thirimanne, who puts it down. Looked like a simple catch on first viewing. Bell surcums again however and this time Perera takes the catch after a shoddy shot from the England No.3. Joe Root gets four from his very first delivery.

Wicket: England 45 for 2 Bell c Perera b Malinga 13

Over 5: England 44 for 1: Senanayake into the attack and Hales gets four with one which is too wide. England will take the runs however they can get them and four byes are followed by a classic cover drive from Ian Bell, who is getting into his stride. Sri Lanka look a little ragged.

Over 4: England 30 for 1: Surange Lakmal on for Sri Lanka. Those who are new to him you can expect pace and Hales is clued up and gets six with an ugly top edge. That four the very next ball was more genuine and deliberate though. Better from England. These two and Eoin Morgan know the game rests with them.

Over 3: England 17 for 1: So which England are going to turn up this evening? The one which produced an outstanding chase to defeat this very opposition, or the one which collapsed at the hands of the Netherlands. One difference from those games is they have Ian Bell as their disposal. He finds four with a nice shot over the top. Now swish and a miss from the Warwickshire man and a half chance as Kulasekara spurns a caught and bowled chance.

Over 2: England 11 for 1 With there still a threat of rain, a reminder we need five overs to make a game here. Matthews into the attack for Sri Lanka and though he should be a target of the England batsman, he gets the break-through almost immediately. Carberry skews on to deep backward point where Kulaekara takes the catch, not without alarm after having to dive forward.

Wicket: England 9 for 1: Carberry c Kulaseakara b Matthews 7

Over 1: England 9 for 0: Kulaekara, who caused havoc in the T20 World Cup, has the new ball here against Carberry, who is making his bowl in international cricket in this form of the game. He nurdles a two away down the ground. A bit of width and Carberry slashes for four. Good start for the Hampshire man.

19:42: England ready to go in their chase as we're a little behind schedule at the Oval. Alex Hales and Michael Carberry - on debut - ready to start us off....

19:30: Well, it's been an inaupisicous performance from England as Sri Lanka make an impressive 183 for 7 from their 20 overs with Perera staring with 49 from 20 balls. Time for another Alex Hales blitz? Back in around 15 minutes to find out.

England need 184 to beat Sri Lanka

Over 20: Sri Lanka 183 for 7: Harry Gurney rewarded for his impressive T20 debut with the final over as Sri Lanka pursue 190. Perera has been awesome through the second half of his innings and he gets another four through third man. England have not been proactive, let alone reactive in this match. Perera misses out on a half-century as he is run out by Gurney, who finishes with 2 for 26.

Wicket: Sri Lanka 183 for 7 Perera run out (Gurney) 49

Over 19: Sri Lanka 174 for 6: Another edge and another four for Perera, who uses the pace to beat Buttler. Jordan trying to get a break-through and he brings men up but Perera just goes over the top for four. Thisara Perera is taking the game away from the hosts here and a huge six from a full toss, what an innings from the big man who punishes Jordan again with a four over the top from a second consecutive full toss. The wheels have come off England here. It's the winter all over again as Perera finds another four from his impressive locker.

Over 18: Sri Lanka 152 for 6: Three overs left and what damage can the world champions do? They have to be looking at 170+ here and with Malinga and co with the ball they'll fancy their chances. Thirimanne makes that job all the more difficult with a slap straight to Hales from a Gurney full toss. Perera finds the boundary though with a four down the ground. Another fielding collapse for England deneis them a second wicket of the over as Carberry and Morgan get in a mix up leading to the former dropping Perera. England's problems accentuate as Perera edges through the vacant third man for four.

Wicket: Sri Lanka 141 for 6 Thirimanne c Hales b Gurney 40

Over 17: Sri Lanka 141 for 5: Some confusion over what the score is at the Oval with all three scoreboards showing a different total. Rest easy that we've got the right score here at IBT. A drop from Tredwell at point but it was a very difficult chance as Thirimanne targetted another four.

Over 16: Sri Lanka 137 for 5: Perera in now and he is looking to muscle a few runs out of these last five overs. He can't get hold off on which soars down the ground but safe but does get four with a boundary again behind square. Clearly not a pitch with much pace. Nothing fortunate about this though, with a huge whack through mid-wicket which goes for six.

Over 15: Sri Lanka 122 for 5: Thirimanne has lurched from terrific to fortunate and he is lucky to make contact as Tredwell bowls across him and he even gets four. Run out chance as Morgan misses the stumps with Thirimanne in trouble. Matthews' turn to take aim now, with a big six down the ground. He goes again but only finds Root standing just inside the rope at long-off.

Wicket: Sri Lanka 122 for 5 Matthews b Tredwell c Root 13

Over 14: Sri Lanka 108 for 4: This innings has ebbed and flowed from the tourists and here comes the considered approach. Thirimanne finds a much-needed boundary through a vacant cover area and Carberry can't cut it off.

Over 13: Sri Lanka 99 for 4: It's more considered now from Sri Lanka since the two wickets, or it was until Thirimanne goes big with a huge six over mid-wicket.

Over 12: Sri Lanka 90 for 4: Woakes back into the attack for his third over. Angelo Matthews in and we know what kind of a threat he can be. He flicks to fine leg for a single and Thirimanne pulls the ball away for another single.

Over 11: Sri Lanka 86 for 4: Huge six from the new man Chandimal but two balls later he;s heading back to the pavilion as he fails to get proper contact and Hales takes the catch on the inner ring. Better from Root, who was threatening to go to all corners.

Wicket: Sri Lanka 85 for 4 Chandimal b Root c Hales 7

Over 10: Sri Lanka 79 for 3: Filling up around the Vauxhall end at the Oval where the rain continues to stay away. England's fielding was subject of much screwtiny in the winter and there's contrasting fortunes as Jordan drops Thirimanne before Vithanage chips straight to Carberry in the deep.

Wicket: Sri Lanka 78 for 3 Vithanage b Woakes c Carberry 38

Over 9: Sri Lanka 76 for 2: Vithanage plays an unorthordox reverse sweep for four off Tredell. A single brings up the half-century partnership in 31 balls and Sri Lanka are looking good.

Over 8: Sri Lanka 68 for 2: Ravi Bopara in and after a slower ball, he is carved through third man for four. Now the ball goes agonsingly wide of Gurney just outside the circle for another four. England are yet to change the field to cover that vacant third man and Vithanage takes full advantage with a third consecutive boundary.

Over 7: Sri Lanka 53 for 2: James Tredwell given a go as England revert to spin. Vithanage goes ariel with a sliced four over point. Few more singles from the over see Sri Lanka pass 50.

Over 6: Sri Lanka 43 for 2: Vithanage finally makes contact and slices one away for four. He gets away a Jordan full-toss but can't beat the inner ring. Thirimanne now flicks one for four beyond Alex Hales.

Over 5: Sri Lanka 31 for 2: Gurney back for his second over Vithanage is lookng to tee off here but only two singles come from it.

Over 4: Sri Lanka 29 for 2: Third different bowler in four overs for England as Sussex's Chris Jordan takes the ball. Perera trying to find some space and when he finds some he pulls straight to Bopara at short fine leg. Thrimanne in now and a four down the ground ends the over.

Wicket: Sri Lanka 24 for 2 Perera b Jordan c Bopara 10

Over 3: Sri Lanka 24 for 1: Joe Root replaced by Harry Gurney, and his first ball in T20 international cricket goes for four as Dilshan scoops it over Buttler. Dilshan comes down the pitch to the debutant but can't find the edge. Now Gurney produces a hum-dinger and bowls Dilshan o his off-stump for his first international wicket.

Wicket: Sri Lanka 24 for 1 Dilshan b Gurney 14

Over 2: Sri Lanka 20 for 0: Chris Woakes into the attack and Dishan tries the scoop immediately, only to miss the ball completly. The next ball goes for four as Dilshan slants one down and beyond third man. Sri Lanka aren't picking up length that well, and Perera pulls hards and top edges for six.

Over 1: Sri Lanka 9 for 0: Joe Root opens up for England and he drops his first ball short and Dilshan pulls it away. The Sri Lankan opener gets away with a top edge behind Buttler wich splits two England fielders. Perera sees the first ball out but sweeps a four away through fine leg.

18:00: We're ready to go at the Oval. Both teams out, but for how long?

17:55: Graeme Swann on the out-field being outfield before we get started. Looks like we have a break in the weather and though we have an anything but capacity crowd at the Oval, it looks like their commitment in coming just hours after work will be rewarded.

17:49: Spent some time at Lord's this morning as the MCC marked their 200th anniversary with a Spirit of Cricket in which they invited several schools from throughout the country for a day of cricket. Mark Nicholas was the master of ceremonies for the morning an it appears he is following me, as he leaves the outfield presumably after fulfilling his media duties. Meanwhile, it is brightening up at the Oval.

17:42: So Michael Carberry and Harry Gurney make their T20 international debuts for England tonight while Ian Bell plays the shorterned format of the game for his country for the first time for three years. Sri Lanka choose Suranga Lakmal ahead of Ajantha Mendis and hand Kithuruwan Vithanage his first T20 international cap.

17:37: So we've had a toss and England, looking towards the skies, have chosen to bowl and start with Harry Gurney and Michael Carberry in their team. Lasith Malinga looks disappointed as he admits he would have bowled also. Still some uncertainty over whether we'll start on time.

England win the toss and bowl

17:34: It is very gloomy around the Oval this early evening in Vauxhall. The groundstaff are readying the covers in anticipation of a downpour while captains Eoin Morgan and Lasith Malinga are on the outfield awaiting the toss. Mixed messages.

17:30: The Ashes might not yet be forgotten, the T20 World Cup still a lingering headache, but England nevertheless begin their home international summer this evening in a one-off T20 international against world champions Sri Lanka full of optimism. Reinstated coach Peter Moores will lead the new, Kevin Pietersen-less era for English cricket with fresh ideas and fresh players. After the comfortable win over Scotland, tonight is the first chance we have to assess his progress and that of the new England selectors. No pressure then...