Was it a goal or was it not? Football fans have been arguing over this forever, friends have fallen out, and entire nations have been split over this question. But now German scientists from the Fraunhofer institute in Nuremberg reckon they have developed a method to give the conclusive answer. Ok, so how does it work then? Here's what a scientist working on the project had to say

Now let's see the Goal ref in action.

Here's the ball in close up, it's given a quick twirl. Then into the ball machine, where it's fired. It hits the board which shows it has passed the magnetic line. While the goalie on the right watches it slams past.

Just this year alone there have been 8 trials of goal line technology and Goal Ref is one of the final two which FIFA will make a decision on next month, whether to introduce this new technology or not? Here is what a spokesman had to say

With the Euro Championships just about to start in Poland and every goal sure to be hotly contested. This goal line technology if introduced, will revolutionize football forever and end the dilemma of whether a referee agrees a goal or not. And you can't argue with science hey? No matter how many big players there are in the team!

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Written and Presented by Ann Salter