New Zealand visitor arrivals
Number of migrants to New Zealand at record high Reuters

New Zealand has recorded its highest-ever migrant inflow in the September 2014 year helped by increased student migrants from India and more New Zealand citizens arriving from Australia, Statistics New Zealand has said.

The New Zealand dollar showed some strength after the data release. The NZD/USD rose to 0.7982 from 0.7967 prior to the release.

On a seasonally adjusted basis, the net gain of migrants was 4,700 in September, which equals the highest-ever net gains recorded in August and February 2003. From 2013 September, the net gain was 45,400, an all-time high.

The total number of arrivals in the past year was 105,500, which was also a record.

"The increase in monthly net gains over the last year was mainly due to more arrivals of non-New Zealand citizens and the increase compared with the September 2013 year was led by more students, particularly from India, and more New Zealand citizens arriving from Australia."

Visitor Arrivals

The number of visitor arrivals to New Zealand in September 2014 was 193,300, up 1% year-on-year, and a new China tourism law has affected overseas tours since this month, Statistics New Zealand said.

This was the second highest total for September, after September 2011, when 219,900 visitors came for the Rugby World Cup.

"More visitors arrived from the United States and Australia in September 2014," population statistics manager Vina Cullum said.

"However, fewer visitors arrived from China. This may be because numbers in September last year were boosted by the close timing of two Chinese holidays, and people wanting to travel before a new tourism law in China took effect."

"The new China law changed the type and price of overseas tours from 1 October 2013."

In the September 2014 year, visitor arrivals numbered 2.80 million, up 5% from the September 2013 year. The biggest increases were from Australia, the United States and Germany.

New Zealand residents departed on 219,700 overseas trips in September 2014, up 4% from September 2013.

There were more trips to Australia, Indonesia and Fiji, but fewer to Thailand. In the September 2014 year, New Zealand residents departed on 2.24 million overseas trips, up 3% from the previous year.