British singer Nicki Minaj has quite a reputation for eccentric costumes for music videos and stage shows. Her newest video - for the second single from the album "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded" - has her going the opposite way - she seems to be rather scantily dressed.

Minaj, 29, is seen involved in a lap dance sequence with other dancers, both male and female. To see the photographs, click here.

The singer went through two rather dramatically coloured wigs for the video - one a green and the other pink. A Daily Mail report described the video as Minaj showing off her "famous curvy figure... There are also inter-cuts of her interacting with some female companions, as well as flashes of semi-naked women writhing around".

Minaj is also seen playing around with currency in one hand and there are other references to stereotypical "lap dance acts" that are performed.

To top it all, Minaj then went one step further, wearing a rather skimpy bikini; apparently she wanted to leave no stone unturned in her references to a strip club, sex and associated imagery.

Meanwhile, she is joined, in the video, by guest star 2 Chainz, who happily puffs away at a cigarette. According to the Daily Mail, the guest star "does not let down the pair's fans, joining in the fun by also delivering his lines in a painfully laboured fashion".

Finally, Minaj posed with other models in a "skin-tight leopard print one piece". The singer opted for a dress change few minutes afterwards, appearing in burgundy stilettos to match the leopard print piece and, to complete what she must have thought was a very good piece of imagery, she sported a knuckle duster that had "Breez Trap" written on it.

The Huffington Post also took a shot at describing the video: "2 Chainz and Nicki dance and stand around rapping their verses while scenes from a club are spliced in to add some visual texture to the song. Though the lyrics of the track contain plenty of boasting on Minaj's part, she seems to be moving more and more away from the tough girl vibe she cultivated on tracks like Kanye West's "Monster" and instead playing up her curvy sex appeal to great effect."