Nokia Quash Lumia 800 Poor Sales Rumours Reporting ‘Best Ever First Week’ Sales

With its Lumia 800 released mere days ago, proving it's not resting on its laurels, Nokia has released a new trailer hinting that it plans to release a new high-end device sooner rather than later.

News of the new Windows Phone broke Thursday when CNET UK reported that "a new top dog-and-bone [the Lumia 900] in Nokia's Windows Phone line-up, to arrive next year."

The site based its claims on an advert by Nokia designed to encourage app makers to develop products for the Windows Phone ecosystem. The ad shows-off the new unnamed device going on to challenge developers to "dive" into the "dynamic new [Windows Phone] platform."

Unfortunately, past the alluring picture, Nokia's new ad revealed no solid information on the new device. Despite the lack of official word, the arrival hasn't stopped tech sites gossiping about the new Lumia's tech spec. As is the case with all devices the current consensus follows the standard pattern claiming the device will house a better processor and camera.

The vanguard of Nokia's Windows Phone horde, the Lumia 800 launched 16 November to a generally positive critical reaction. Described by Nokia as "the first real Windows Phone," the Lumia 800 is currently selling SIM-free at around the £399 mark.

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