If a report from Seoul is to be believed, North Korea is actively preparing for the launch of another heavy ballistic missile after the flop show on 13 April.

The report according to RT (Russia Today) based on American Space reconnaissance data suggests two rockets were delivered at the launch site simultaneously, where only one of the rockets was launched earlier and failed. The launched rocket did not last for more than two minutes before falling into the sea in pieces.

Seoul's report indicates that the second missile could be of the same specifications as that of the first one and it is being prepared for its launch at the Tongch'ang-dong Space Centre in Woodland, a few miles away from the Chinese border.

Pyongyang has promised to send satellites one after another bluntly rejecting international calls to stop such launches.

The statement released by Pyongyang on Thursday stated that the investigation into the failed rocket had been completed and the information gathered would be extremely useful in the next ventures.

"No matter how loudly the US and Japanese reactionaries and their followers may cry and no matter how frantically the Lee Myung-Bak group of rats may squeak, the DPRK's (North Korea's) satellites for peaceful purposes will be put into space one after another," said the statement.

Although the country time and again claims it's a weather satellite, other countries including the US see the launch as a disguise for a ballistic missile test.

The North is also holding a mass rally on Friday vowing to wipe out South Korean President Lee Myung-bak for reportedly insulting centenary celebrations.

Reports from Pyongyang claim that civilians and troops are thronging in the capital to vent their anger against South Korea.