Helen and Simon Berriman practice naturism, a lifestyle choice of observing non-sexual social nudity both in private and public. In a The Sun exclusive, Helen shares how she was introduced to nudism by her husband in 2015 and how they served Christmas lunch in their birthday suits amidst their fully-dressed guest.

Helen says, "It's not most people's set-up, but it works for us. We'll exchange gifts, play some party games and raise a glass - a completely normal Christmas day, it's just that Simon and I won't have any clothes on, with the exception of our cracker hats. We do have to crank the heating up, though."

Helen and Simon have known each other since their school days, but Helen only started joining her husband's naked lifestyle in 2020. She says she loved it so much that she quit her job as the manager of opticians to be able to practise nudism daily and is now working as a writer for a naturist magazine.

Their Christmas guests include Helen's seventy-five-year-old mother and 15-year-old daughter. While they both stay fully dressed for the festivities, Helen shares that they are fully accepting of their lifestyle and are both respectful and understanding.

"My teenage daughter and my mum both totally accept our lifestyle, and they really don't think twice now when we answer the door in all our glory. My daughter did tell me I'd gone weird at first - now she is very supportive of me, although I don't think she's keen to join suit," she shares.

Naturism may not be for everyone, but an upward trend has been observed in the number of nudist households in the UK. In a survey published by The Guardian this year, they found that 14% of UK residents now describe themselves as naturists or nudists

Advocating for the naturist lifestyle, Helen disclosed, "I realised I'd wasted 20 years of my life worrying about what people think I should be wearing. Everyone has scars and stretch marks; it's just nice not to have to worry about covering them up."

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