The Obamas are going to make their Netflix debut today with their documentary titled "American Factory." The documentary is facing major criticism for being very critical against incumbent US President, Donald Trump.

The theme of the documentary centers around a Chinese billionaire who has opened up a factory in the husk of an abandoned General Motors Plant and has hired 2000 blue-collar Americans. Journalist Ted Johnson published an article in Politico on Tuesday, where he clearly pointed out that it was the "first big anti-Trump statement of 2020."

The Obamas' Higher Ground production has promised a total of seven projects with Netflix including both films and series. Obama has said that this will entertain but also "educate, connect and inspire us all."

The Obamas
Chuck Kennedy/Reuters

Johnson writes in his article: "American Factory, set smack in the middle of the industrial heartland, resets expectations about what it means to be a blue-collar middle-class worker in the United States."

He also wrote that the film "starts before Trump takes office and ends almost a year into his presidency, when life for the workers is still uncertain and wages are still not what they once were."

Fox News reported that political strategist Tim Young told them that this move didn't come as a surprise to him because he knew that Netflix would take shots at the President. He said, "Did anyone expect the Obamas to produce anything other than anti-Republican propaganda films for Netflix?"

Media Research Center Vice President Dan Gainor said: "This documentary is the very kind of film liberals want to ban if it comes from the right." He called it "lefty propaganda".

Conservative strategist Chris Barron said that Obama has challenged the wrong politician but he also gave the reason as to why Obama has taken a dig at him. "The truth is that Obama promised hope and change and never even tried to deliver on either. I can imagine how frustrating it must be for him to watch President Trump do the very things Obama claimed weren't possible," he said.

Priya Swaminathan and Tonia Davis, along with the Obamas, are all set to make a multi-year project including scripted and unscripted series and documentaries.