In a solution to a problem that plagues offices around the world, Nissan has actually created a system that, with one sharp clap, causes all of the chairs in an office to automatically tuck themselves in.

Nissan uploaded a clip to its YouTube channel showing off otherwise ordinary ergonomic chairs that, at the clap of the hands, magically engage autopilot and slip themselves meticulously back into their rightful places underneath desks. Office cleaners and obsessive compulsive facility managers rejoice.

Just how can they do this might be your first question? Well, the technology works through a combination of four wall-mounted cameras that detect motion and wi-fi signals that direct the chairs back into place. Both of them subsequently have feeds that communicate with the motorised elements custom-made by Nissan into the base of the Okamura-manufactured chairs by transmitting the chair's current position and sharing its desired destination. You can see Nissan's tech innovators marvelling over their motorised creation in the same video (which looks a lot less impressive and more like a broken remote control car without a chair stuck on top).

Starting off with a single chair the video gradually builds to show hordes of obedient furniture cleaning up after themselves. It is particularly enjoyable to spot the straggler out of each group as it quietly follows the lead of its peers.

How can you get one might be your second question? While the orderly chairs are a slightly more mundane experiment than its forays into autonomous cars and the Mars rover, slovenly office residents will be sorry to hear that this is actually a stunt to promote its parking assist technology that allows its cars to effectively park themselves. First world problems, eh?