Russian President Vladimir Putin was presented with an adorable puppy as a belated birthday gift from his Turkmenistan counterpart on Wednesday (11 October) and Twitter couldn't contain itself. Putin, an avid dog lover, turned 65 on 7 October.

"We have a common friend — this is the world's unique alabai dog. And today I brought this little alabai with me," President Kurbanguly Berdymukhamedo said before handing over the puppy to Putin during a meeting in Sochi, Russia.

The puppy named Verny, which means "faithful" in Russian, is a home-bred Turkmen variety of the Central Asian shepherd dog.

President Berdymukhamedov pulled the pup out from a portable cage holding it by the scruff of its neck and showed it to reporters before handing it to Putin.

The Russian president held and cradled the puppy in his arms, kissed it on its forehead and then placed it on the floor to walk around.

Putin, who is an avid dog-lover, has previously received a Bulgarian shepherd named Buffy from Bulgaria's premier and an Akita named Yume from a Japanese official. He has also received horses and a tiger as gifts in the past as well.

Twitter, on the other hand, erupted with a cacophony of comments, jokes and memes in response with many saying Putin's handling of the puppy made him seem more gentle and tender.

"I'll give Putin this: he knows how to hold a dog without injuring it," one Twitter user wrote. Another said: "Vladimir Putin looks so gentle with the pup."

Others voiced concerns over the way the Turkmen president picked up the pup.

"A puppy is not a suitcase, you don't pick it up by the scruff," one person tweeted.

"What a wasteful gift. Putin actually doesn't need another puppy. He already has a lap dog. It's called Donald Trump," one Twitter user wrote.

Some people suggested names for the adorable puppy.

"Putin's dog should be called Puptin," one person wrote. A few others suggested the Russian president should name the pup "Donnie."

Supernatural star Misha Collins tweeted: "Don't be jealous, @realDonaldTrump! You may not be as cute, but you'll always be Putin's #1 lapdog."

Russian President Vladimir Putin kisses a Turkmen shepherd dog, locally known as Alabai, presented by Turkmenistan's President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov during a meeting in Sochi, Russia October 11, 2017. REUTERS/Maxim Shemetov