One Nation leader and right-wing populist Pauline Hanson has been criticised by conservationists for taking members of the media to a healthy section of Queensland's Great Barrier Reef, while denying the effects of climate change.

On 25 November, One Nation senators donned wetsuits and snorkels to upend "untruths" about a massive bleaching event in 2016 which scientists say wiped out 22% of the reef's coral.

However, conservationists say Hanson and her senators were at Great Keppel Island, which is more than 1,000 kilometres south of the coral bleaching site.

ABC reported the World Wildlife Fund said One Nation should have visited Lizard Island where bleaching, caused by high water temperatures, has killed much of the coral.

Senator Hanson has disputed the claims from the world's leading scientists and said the publicity surrounding bleaching events was hurting the tourism industry.