Ahead of the Oscars ceremony on 28 February, fashion commentators are gearing up for the Hollywood fashion event of the year. On a red carpet watched by the entire world, every fashion hit and miss is immediately analysed and dissected.

Fashion expert Sam Saboura is hoping Swedish actress Alicia Vikander, nominated in the best supporting actress category for her role in The Danish Girl will continue to experiment with a more edgy look. At the recent Bafta awards in London, she wore a black leather Louis Vuitton dress with shiny crystal detailing that reportedly weighed 15kg.

"She's been playing with designers like Louis Vuitton, which is a little bit more avant garde and not really a name that you hear or see on the red carpet very often. So I love her look, I love that she's taking a little bit of a risk, but we want more risk," he said.

As for who he hopes will step up her game, Saboura picked best actress nominee Brie Larson. "I'm a little bit let down by Brie Larson, because she's new on the red carpet, we really want her to have that moment of fashion and I'm hoping that it comes on Sunday night. Brie has been having a few miss-steps. She's a beautiful woman with gorgeous curves. I think she's been revealing a little too much. I want to see her dial it back, really get into her fashion sense with something ladylike and feminine and, of course, very grand and dramatic."

But it's not just the women nominees whose fashion choices will be scrutinised. Saboura said all eyes will be on Leonardo DiCaprio, one of the world's biggest celebrities, who commentators agree will likely take home the best actor statuette.

"Leo is very classic when it comes to his fashion. Very debonair, very Robert Redford. I think he gives a nod to old school when he gets dressed. It's usually a classic bow tie, a very austere tuxedo. I hope he shakes it up a little bit but I don't expect him to be too out-of-the-box on Sunday. I think he's going to win, look sharp and very polished and handsome," he said.

The Oscars will be handed out in Hollywood in a star-studded television show viewed around the world which is one of the most-watched TV programs in the United States.